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It’s important that the contractor you work with not only has the skill and experience to handle your job, but also the necessary credentials to protect you and your investment.


  • Licensed, insured and bonded (documentation provided on request).
  • Experienced, in business since 2013 and with over 2300 projects under my tool belt.
  • A general contractor—not only do we possess master carpentry skills, but we can handle a broad range of home improvement tasks, including design, baths, kitchens and cabinets, flooring (hardwood and tile), interior and exterior trim, doors, windows and more. This eliminates the need to deal with multiple contractors on your job. As a general contractor, we also handle the awkward tasks of permitting and inspection for you. In short, we handle the most stressful aspects of your project for you.
  • Knowledgeable, with the ability and wherewithal to make quick decisions on the job should unforeseen complications arise on the project.

Our combination of credentials, experience, skills and knowledge are why ELITE CARPENTRY PLUS is truly “ELITE.”

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